Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer: no guarantee is provided that hypnotherapy or psychotherapy will be successful and results will vary between clients.  Therapy relies on the co-operation of the client and hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are not a miracle or guaranteed cure for all problems.  I am committed to helping my clients realise their full potential, to make positive life changes to live the life they want but therapy requires teamwork and a determination and commitment on the part of the client to desire change for their own wellbeing and health.

I may on occasion advise that another style of therapy would be preferable, recommend a referral to another practitioner or to your GP if I believe it would be in your best interests.  This may be the case where you may need conventional medical help or a therapist who has a particular area of expertise.  We will always discuss this together and decide on the best course of action for you.

Sometimes it is necessary for you to obtain consent from your GP before hypnosis or hypnotherapy can go ahead and I may recommend a referral to your GP before proceeding with any treatment and may not proceed unless GP consent is obtained.  I will always seek to work with your GP or other health care provider to ensure the best outcome for you.  I am not a traditional medical practitioner or consultant and will never seek to diagnose a problem or make recommendations concerning treatment/medication that is being provided by another healthcare professional; nothing contained in this website should be construed as contrary to this.

Where you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are not considered suitable and the session will not proceed or will be terminated with the full cost of a session payable.

All guidelines regarding length of sessions and/or how many sessions you may need are approximate.  I will review your progress regularly with you and will seek to discharge you from therapy as soon as possible; client wellbeing is the most important consideration in all cases.

I take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously and will never disclose your records, your personal information or that you are a client to anyone, without your consent (except as where required to do so by law).  I will usually make notes during our session but all files are stored in a locked cabinet to which only I have access.

I understand that it may sometimes be necessary for you to cancel a pre-booked session but I would kindly ask that at least 48 hours’ notice is given for any cancellation.  Your session can then be offered to someone else who may be waiting for an appointment.  Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice will incur a fee of 50% of the full cost of the session.