Sports Performance Mind Coaching & Hypnosis

What your mind believes, the body will achieve

Every athlete knows how important it is to keep their body in prime physical condition but the truly successful athlete is able to improve and enhance their sporting ability with a positive, focused mindset.


Although focusing on the mind, as well as the physical aspects of sport may sound like a strange idea to some, there are many successful athletes, such as Tiger Woods and Mike Tyson who have used hypnotherapy to help bring their performance up to the next level.  The key is to understand that the mind and body are intrinsically linked so, what your mind believes, the body will achieve…

Using a variety of techniques, I can help you engage your mind in a positive way, to push aside negative thoughts and emotions, to overcome distractions, improve your self-belief and maintain composure and, in addition, accelerate recovery from injury or fatigue, so that you have the edge over your competitors.