Fertility & Conceiving

Fertility problems and difficulty conceiving can be heartbreaking and extremely upsetting; it can also be particularly frustrating when there are no medical reasons behind it and the infertility is unexplained.


Some people may feel pushed towards having IVF even though, physically, there is no reason why they can’t fall pregnant naturally.  For some people, this will be the right option but for others, they may not want to go through this process, which can be rather invasive.

Increasing numbers of people, both men and women are turning to hypnotherapy to help them with unexplained fertility issues.  Lifestyle changes, the pain of giving birth, money worries or perhaps feeling that you will not be able to cope can all become mental blocks to conceiving.  Hypnotherapy can help you recognise and break down these mental barriers to help address your fears or worries.

Stress and anxiety can also contribute to fertility problems and so hypnotherapy is a gentle and natural way to help manage this.  As well as dealing with your stress or anxiety issue during the hypnotherapy session, I will teach you self-hypnosis techniques for you to use outside of the sessions.  You can also benefit from this when traditional medical intervention is being sought to help create a calm and relaxed state of mind while undergoing treatment.